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I Am Me Inc. was formed to offer safe social spaces with programs that uplift and unify the LGBTQ community.  To show them through action that you are not alone, You are loved by a community of LGBTQ+ and Allies.  A space where you can "Be You" and build positive social connections.  The Board at I Am Me Inc. believe together we can heal support and collectively eliminate discrimination one person at a time by educating them about our community.

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Our Youth Program and Activities is being revamped!!  Subscribe for future details 


Online Group Discussions

Next show: Returning in the Fall

Help Me Understand is an online group discussion with guests sharing LGBTQ+ life experiences via zoom.  HMU streams on multiple platforms monthly every third Thursday at 7pm via zoom.  Guests can request topics to discuss and have the option to respond in the chat to ask your questions and receive responses from zoom participants. 

Learn About other LGBTQ+ Organizations

next Show: Returning in the Fall

The mission of Spotlight LGBTQ+ is to provide a safe space for networking, learning and sharing of information and resources from LGBTQ+ Entities.  Spotlight streams on multiple streaming platforms and is hosted by the Board of I Am Me Inc. biweekly on Thursdays at 8pm.

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Education is the Key!

We’ve always been here!!  Did you know LGBTQ+ people have contributed to history?  Probably not, LGBTQ+ people have 

Community Building

Having a community is important! I Am Me Inc members and followers have built lasting friendships at our events.  Our gathering are safe spaces for self expression, acceptance and fun.  

Creating Allies

What are Allies? Allies are friends of the community who use their voices to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, speak up in homophobic/transphobic spaces and provide much needed non-judgemental support.  In order to become an Ally, you first must learn about the community.  Yearly, I Am Me hosts our annual Me Seminar during June (pride month) is an open safe space forum to ask several representatives from the community questions surrounding identity/orientation.  Subscribe to join us for this event and more....


We appreciate your support!!  Thank you for deciding to Community Build with I Am Me Inc.



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LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces and Business Entities


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