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What's a Bisexual?

A Sexual Orientation

She/Her   He/Him   They

Any Cis-gender, Trans or Intersex person that has romantic interest in both females and males; not necessarily at the same time.  Most people associate bisexuality with polygamy or promiscuity without realizing any orientation/identity can be either of those.  Derogatory Terms:  Swingers, Hoes, Fake Faggots, Polygamist, Closeted

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Bisexual History


Today, Bisexuals experience erasure due to society's inability to accept the orientation exists. Even though in 1948, the Kinsey report introduced the spectrum of sexuality, suggesting attraction functions on a  binary scale of 0 to 6 but this idea was unfavorable.  By the way, Alfred Kinsey was bisexual, who better to conduct the study. Anyway, despite any dis-belief, Bisexuality exists pictured below are some of the trailblazers from this orientation.

Bisexuality is seen throughout history  in the behaviors of the greek soldiers, the greek Pedestry laws, in Ancient Rome, Lesbos and other places where Homosexuality was legal. Featured in the photo is a Japanese samurai, Ancient Japan practiced a bisexual ritual called shudo.  Similar to the greeks, Older male samurai would train younger boys for battle and engage in sexual intercourse until adulthood to build lifelong bonds.  Even in Buddhist monasteries, it was acceptable for monks to have sexual relationships with younger trainees. During Ancient times, there were not clear terms for a person who was considered bisexual; only gay or lesbian terminology existed. Bisexuality was conceptualized in the late 1700s and the term coined in 1892 by Charles Gilbert Chaddock. Prior to this, bisexuals were known as Reproductive Hermaphrodites, interesting. 


Alfred Kinsey


Billie Holiday


Eleanor Roosevelt


Frida Kahlo


Oscar Wilde


Josphine Baker


Virginia Woolf


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