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What's a Gay Male?

A Sexual Orientation


A Gay Male is a Cis-gender, Trans or Intersex male that has a romantic interest in another male.  Gay males terms top (masculine), bottom (feminine), Butch Queen, Bear, Queen

Derogatory Terms:  Faggot, Fun Boy, Fudge Pecker, Fairy, Bussy Boy, Flamer

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Gay History


The earliest known documented case of Gay Love was recorded in 2400 BCE.   Pictured above, Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep served as overseers of manicurists in the palace of King Nuiserre.  The two men were buried together at the necropolis of Saqqara.  

Ancient Greece

Homosexuality was built into the Greek Culture.  Pederasty, a form of pedophilia, sex between an older ersaty (Aristocrat) and a young male was a practice that prepared teen Grecian males for manhood. Today, pedophiles receive jail time; thank the gods. Greek soldiers, like the Spartans, engaged in sexual intercourse to strengthen their bonds in battle. Remember the Epic Story about Troy;  I hate to burst your bubble, Did you know the Greek soldiers Achilles and Patroclus were not cousins but possible lovers from Phthia?  As you probably guested; Sodomy was not prohibited by law, gay males enjoyed public sex in bath houses, celebrations and at brothels. Both Heterosexual and Homosexual men viewed sex and marriage to woman as a necessary pro-creation tradition. 

Ancient Rome



Ancient Rome was a patriarchal society without terms for homosexuality; however, they did believe in a Top (active/dominant/masculine) and Bottom (passive/submissive/feminine).  Similar to the Greeks, Roman men were free to engage in same sex relationships without public judgement.  Tops maintained their social status in Roman Culture, while bottoms were considered feminine lower class citizens.  Bottoms were typically slaves, prostitutes, entertainers or anyone who wasn’t an Aristocrat (unless said Aristocrat was being penetrated).  Romans didn’t practice Pederasty but slept with teen bottoms.  Not mentioned earlier; In Ancient times the concept of childhood didn’t exist. Children were considered to be small adults.


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