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What is a Lesbian ?

A Sexual Orientation


A Lesbian is a Cis-Gender, Trans or Intersex female that has romantic feelings for another female.  Lesbians can present masculine, feminine or a combination of both commonly labeled within the community as a Stud (masculine), Femme (feminine) or Stem (combination of both).  It's important to ask instead of assuming labels; some Lesbians also consider themselves as no label.

Unpopular Terms:  Dyke, Carpet Muncher, Man Girl

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Lesbian History

I know you've heard the theories about the origins of lesbians...  Lesbians were victims of governmental experiments with the water supply, end result of rape or emulating characters from television or Lesbian family/friends.  All of these are myths, most Lesbians admit to female attraction from the age of 8 or 9 sometimes earlier. Certainly not a new phenomenon, Lesbians have existed since Ancient times.

Ancient Mesopotamia

The Code of Hammurabi (1700 BC) mentioned a term Sal-zikrum (man-woman) meaning Lesbian. Mesopotamian women were allowed to marry other women and still receive inheritance like their brothers; however, they were forbidden to bare children. Clever since the beginning of time, Lesbians traveled with surrogates building LGBTQ+ families.  Amazing!!!













Ancient Egypt

Neither Mesopotamia nor Egypt had anti-same sex laws so LGBTQ+ people lived freely and openly.  Pictured is Idet and Ruiu an Egyptian couple often mislabeled as being sisters, mother and daughter or any other platonic relationship that explains their statued embrace.  I don't know about you but I clearly see two women around the same age posing to capture their Lesbian Relationship.  There are other depictions on the internet of these ancient ladies in intimate settings expressing their love.  I guess it's up to you to decide are they LGBTQ+ or Nah.

Ancient Greece

The Lesbian OG and where the name was coined Sappho of Lesbos, Female activist who advocated by writing erotic poetry expressing her love for women.   Featured in the video above is information about the life of Sappho.  Similar to Idet and Ruiu, homophobes believe Sappho wasn't LGBTQ+ and wrote for male enjoyment.  That’s funny!!  Determined to erase her from history, In 1073 Pope Gregory IV ordered her writings to be prohibited and burnt. I guess the Pope wasn’t turned on.  Sappho’s legacy survived and Lesbos is still a hot spot for Lesbian travel today.


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