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Are you in the Life? No, I’m LGBTQ+…

I’m an advocate always!! So, in my down time I like to hang with LGBTQ+ people to find out what’s happening in the Delaware community. Sometimes I’ll branch out to Philly but mostly DE because my belly can’t wait for the 45 min ride across the bridge. So, I find my fellow LGBTQ+ foodies by scrolling down my facebook messenger, remembering who posted good looking food on their page and invite them out to grub. Very funny but I’m very serious about my networking moment with food included. Don‘t judge me, I pitch my best why you should get involved with I Am Me Inc banter. Anywho, amazing conversations about LGBTQ+ politics, unknown organizations and groups are break offs from my initial discussion and I love it!! I learn so much. Of course, I jot their information down because, duh, I’m an advocate and I like to follow up. As expected, the awkwardness always start to creep in when we try to figure out the orientations and/or identities of the attendees. Let the confusion began…

First let me mention, As an advocate it’s my job to obtain the perspectives of varying age groups throughout the LGBTQ+ community. The terminology used to indicate a LGBTQ+ persons identity/orientation frequently changes from decade to decade ( if that long) so most of the time I function as a translator. It‘s cool to help update everyone’s mental database with the newest LGBTQ+ terms but I always walk away concerned. Allow me to explain why:

1. The media uses the latest terminology in there broadcasts, social media, circulations such as newspapers, magazine, etc. and all other outlets

2. Bill proposals and Laws are written using the latest terms

3. Our children and grandchildren speak using the terms

4. Places of Employment use the newer terms in their handbooks, trainings, etc.

Without me adding more examples to this list, I think you understand the importance of staying abreast on the new terminology. Getting to my point; If you are unaware of what terminology is associated with you, how do you know what applies to you? Scary Right?! I wonder if they know Biden‘s Equality Act, Nonprofit Organizations, Business Entities or any Inclusive Entity using the LGBTQ+ Acronym is advocating for them. What about the Opposing Entities using the Acronym, do they understand it’s against them?

To some it up, this is why LGBTQ+ education is important . This is one of the reasons why I Am Me Inc exists and will always develop new strategies to reach and teach the community. I often stress at I Am Me Inc’s Monthly Sunday Tea Events, both Allies and LGBTQ+ need to be educated in order for real change to occur. I’m here for it because I love you.

Just to let you know, I will continue my food outings if that’s what it takes to reach you. I enjoy them; more importantly, you educate me on how to improve I Am Me Inc.

Until the next topic,

Peirrce M. (Peach)

President of I Am Me Inc.

Get Involved!!

Check Out Out Website:

Can you Spare an hour of your time? Let me interview you about your identity/orientation!!

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